Katerina Shpitsa appeared nude in the water 12/16/2017

Famous actress Ekaterina Shpitsa took part in a frank photo shoot of the photo artist Diana Avhadieva. In front of the cameras, the actress posed nude in the water is bright blue. Judging by the fact that Catherine decided to share with the fans..

Mary Poroshina made plastic 12.02.2013

The secret of actress Maria Poroshina became known - she made a face plastic. For her forty years old Mary Poroshina looks just perfect. For a long time she explained the beautiful form to various natural causes, including heredity and lifestyle. However, during the..

My husband left Uvarova 03/01/2010

Star of the series "Do not be born beautiful," threw her husband. Directed by Sergey Pikalov left the actress for a 25-year-old dresser. Directed by Sergei Pikalov divorced Nelli Uvarova for 25-year-old costumers. A tumultuous romance between Nelli Uvarova and Sergey Pikalov began several..

Nadezhda Granovskaya almost became an invalid 21.01.2017

In her youth, Nadezhda Granovskaya-Meikher was a professional dancer. At the age of 17, she had health problems - her kneecaps began to move out, then her back ached, and the girl was forced to turn to specialists with intervertebral hernia. Nadezhda Granovskaya at..

Top 5 heart attachments of Marina Golub 10/15/2012

If a person’s personal life is presented as a library, then it is possible to find many works of various genres in it: from short stories and poems to poems and epics. If we talk about Marina Golub, the main books of her life..

Evgeny Volovenko now

Evgeny Volovenko now Biography of Evgeny Volovenko Evgeny Vladimirovich Volovenko is a Russian actor in which model appearance is combined with fine acting and courageous charisma. This viewers were already convinced of the TV series “Under the laws of wartime”, “A means of separation”..

Nikolay Baskov scared the fans with his new image 11.07.2016

The “Heat” music festival is taking place in Baku, organized by Grigory Leps, Emin Agalarov and the founder of the Golden Gramophone award, Sergey Kozhevnikov. The first-rate Russian pop stars, including Nikolai Baskov and his girlfriend Sophie Kalcheva, drew the greatest attention of the..

Volochkova believes that Kerzhakov should marry her 04.09.2014

A well-known ballerina believes that the striker of the Russian team is obliged to marry her. Fortunately, there is no talk of any immoral act or of trampling on honor. The reason for which Anastasia Volochkova made such a statement on Instagram is actually..

Alexander Rybak, a German fan, broke her arm 05/28/2010

Popular Norwegian singer Alexander Rybak broke his arm just before the final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 in Oslo. At one of the rehearsals he did not like the work of the sound engineer, he made a remark. One, second, third, but it..

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